Premier Mill Hotel- Housekeepers

Posted on: 05 November 2018

We are looking for a team of dedicated service staff that will be behind the crisp white sheets and polished wood and steel. This team will buff, polish, fold and tuck behind the scenes ensuring that the guest rooms and shared facilities continue to present to the highest level. Specifically, the Hotel has 22 rooms across two floors with central amenity areas and joint facilities that will need replenishing and cleaning every day. A high level of attention to detail and pride in your work as well as the ability to work quickly to a set standard is required.

Personally, you will have a warm and engaging demeanour that will assist in making this hotel a place of welcome and comfort for its many guests. You will need to work flexibly as part of a team, and hours, full time or part time could be across all days parts and days of the week. You will need to have the highest level of trustworthiness and personal integrity as you will be working largely independently and need to be able to be relied upon to complete your tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

This role is open to people from all walks of life that have a willingness and ability to create a haven for our guests, using their eye for detail and hardworking hands to make the rooms and shared facilities a pleasure to be in and use. Please do not hesitate to apply if you have those qualities, regardless of your background, previous experience or recent arrival to the area.


Please apply via the link below.